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What does “business in administration” mean?

Financial difficulties can lead to a company being placed into administration. Once in administration, the company, along with its affairs and assets, are managed by an administrator; a licensed insolvency practitioner. Depending on the situation they may sell all or part of the business as a going concern, or sell off the assets, or the business may have to be closed down. One key goal for the administrators is to repay any secured creditors. There is a very good chance that the company in administration continues in one form or another.

Latest Administration Listings

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Wholesale of Fruit and VegetablesSouth West £108,159 23/03/2018
Joinery InstallationNorth West £147,209 23/03/2018
Freight transport by roadSouth East - 23/03/2018
Online, digital & sheetfed printingSouth East - 23/03/2018
Retail sale of sports goodsSouth East £11,037 23/03/2018
Private security acitivitesSouth East - 23/03/2018
Manufacturer of composite moldingsNorth West £21,889 23/03/2018
ConstructionNorth West £126,868 23/03/2018
Printing, Copying & ScanningLondon £68,654 23/03/2018
Wholesale of plumbing suppliesSouth East £15,367 23/03/2018
Manufacturer of brewery automation equipmentYorkshire and the Humber £330,427 22/03/2018
Plastics and window manufactureYorkshire and the Humber - 22/03/2018
Asbestos RemovalYorkshire and the Humber £119,206 22/03/2018
Wholesale of meat and meat productsWales £29,493 22/03/2018
Computer cloud migration facilitatorsLondon £35,635 21/03/2018
Manufacture of other products of woodSouth West £369,978 21/03/2018
Manufacture of aluminium used in the construction of commercial buildingsNorth West £30,986 20/03/2018
Renting and operating of Housing Association real estateNorth West £838,119 20/03/2018
Construction of domestic buildingsWest Midlands £591 20/03/2018
Event Catering ServicesYorkshire and the Humber - 20/03/2018
Landscape GardensNorth West £2,513,252 16/03/2018
Other information technology service activitiesSouth East £1,209,696 16/03/2018
Contaminated land and water remediationSouth East £1,109,632 16/03/2018
Licensed Restaurant/Public Houses & BarsNorth West £162,127 16/03/2018
ConstrutionEast Midlands £212,665 16/03/2018
Landscape GardeningNorth West £532,351 16/03/2018
Publishing of consumer and business journals and periodicalsEast of England £1,107,538 15/03/2018
Financial intermediationEast Midlands - 15/03/2018
Wholesale of fruit and vegetablesEast Midlands £24,000 14/03/2018
Manufacture of plastic packaging goodsSouth East £128,902 14/03/2018
IND Industrials MachineryNorth West £64,117 14/03/2018
IND Industrials MachineryNorth West £64,117 14/03/2018
IND Industrials MachineryNorth West £64,117 14/03/2018
Estate AgentsLondon £11,247 13/03/2018
Retail sale of fishLondon £19,122 13/03/2018
CharityLondon £476,584 13/03/2018
Recruitment solutionsLondon £31,922 13/03/2018
Non-specialised wholesale tradeEast of England £6,912 13/03/2018
Manufacture of metal structures £112,250 13/03/2018
CommunicationsLondon £1,484 12/03/2018
Specialist IT SolutionsSouth East £2,458 12/03/2018
Research and experimental development on biotechnologyEast of England £153,066 12/03/2018
Washing and (dry-)cleaning of textile and fur productsWest Midlands £1,442,726 12/03/2018
Skincare RetailSouth East £2,447 12/03/2018
Other letting and operating of own or leased real estateLondon - 12/03/2018
* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.