Corporate Fraud and Forensic Accounting

Following corporate accounting scandals there is an even greater need to be vigilant against practices that may not give a true picture of a company's financial health or those that are simply criminal. This is of particular importance when purchasing a business.

The Business Sale Report has teamed up with a practice that provides solutions to this escalating problem. The practice are Certified fraud examiners (CFE’s) and members of The World Association of Detectives and the Institute of Risk Management who have contacts with 17,000 members world-wide enabling national and international assistance. The practice also retains the services of former Special Branch and Fraud Squad Police Officers.

"There is no such thing as a small fraud, only a large fraud that was not allowed to grow"

We can help in the following fields

Prevention and detection of White Collar Crime.

Forensic Accounting

In a commercial dispute the role of the Forensic Accountant is to establish the quantum of loss or damage i.e.:

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Seminars on Fraud Prevention, Prosecution and Detection

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Gathering of Corporate Intelligence

There are times and circumstances that necessitate companies to gain background information on individuals and other companies, such as High profile roles for recruitment purposes, Director and Shareholder information particularly for Acquisitions and Mergers. Competitors information, this is where Corporate Intelligence is Key.

*Asset tracing

*Money laundering

*Parallel Trading Directors running competitive businesses in their or their partner’s name

*Adverse publicity searched through the media

*Criminal activity or associations with failed companies

*Employment History

*Surveillance and/or counter surveillance both physical and electronic

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